“Always open.”

The hours say "always open", and that is true. Excellent, excellent service.

— Candice Nelms

“Very good service.”

Very good service. I've been rented cars from them for twice and both times they were nice and concerned to do - whatever it takes - everything to help their customers.

— Raphael Ventura Dutra 


“Sempre parceiros e com os melhores carros daqui né @firstclassmiami?! 🚗 👊 | Para quem vem passar uns dias em Miami não deixo de indicar a melhor empresa de aluguel de carros da city: @firstclassmiami! Porque ter um carro aqui faz toda a diferença é agiliza nossa vida muuuuito... #bttips #thassiaemMia #firstclassmiami

Thassia Naves


“Personalized customer service.”

I recently rented a new Mercedes from First Class Rent-a-Car for a business trip to Miami. During my week-long stay in South Florida, I ended up falling in love with the car. But, that love paled in comparison to how smitten I was with the personalized customer service that I received from the First Class team. When they say they set no limit in what they do for their clients, they truly mean it! Do yourself a favor and check out the amazing fleet of exotic cars that First Class has to offer for rent.

— Patrick Hourihan

“Best car rental experience.”

The best car rental experience that I ever had. When I rented the Porsche I wanted back in December 2016 I dealt directly with Renan who was very professional and very accommodating he brought the car to the Fountain Bleu hotel/resort where I was staying and he even came back to pick the car up. There was no rush at all with having the car ready or anything. It was just a smooth process. It was a dream come true and I was highly impressed with the service. No other rental companies can compare to this one. hopefully they will consider expanding their business in other places in the USA. They have a good selection of cars(BRAND NEW CARS) Prices are reasonable as well. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

— Leon Faircloth IV


“Top of the line vehicles.”

Top of the line vehicles and incredible customer service. Have had a few experiences with high-end luxury car rentals in Miami and First Class is bar none the best. I highly recommend them. You will not be disappointed.

— Alonso Carrillo

“Top luxury car rental company!”

First Class Rent a Car has to be one of the top luxury car rental companies in the city of Miami. With its endless portfolio of top of the line cars as well as their excellent services , I have nothing but good things to say about this company.

Thank you! First Class Rent a Car

— Andrew Alexander

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