How To Treat Your Date Like Royalty On Valentine’s Day!


Are you looking to really impress your new boo on Valentine’s Day? Maybe you’d like to celebrate the special night with your partner in luxury? Or, perhaps you drive a sports car at home and just so happen to be in Miami on February 14th, and you and your significant other would like a ride that feels like the one you have at home.

No matter what your current plans are for this Valentine’s Day, you and your date’s romantic experience in South Florida would be much improved if you could get around in an exotic car – like a Porsche 911 Black Edition or Lamborghini Huracan!

Now, before you start thinking about how much some of these cars would actually set you back if you were to buy one, why not consider renting an exotic car for your Valentine’s Day date in Miami? But, let’s get real, your girl may not believe that you can afford a Maserati all of a sudden; even if you can. And, you don’t want to send the wrong impression. If you pull up in a BMW 428i or Ferrari 458 Spider and she says you are trying too hard or she asks you why you rented something so extravagant, just tell her that you wanted to treat her like the royalty that she is, at least for a night.

Because, let’s be honest, you are probably going to have more fun behind the wheel of an Audi R8 or Bentley Continental GTC than your date is – she just wants to look good while you are driving down Lincoln Road or cruising through Wynwood! So, don’t think of the cost of renting an exotic car as having to spend more money on your girl. Think of it as purchasing a memorable and exclusive driving experience for a few hours, a day or even longer – depending on your needs and wants.

If renting an exotic vehicle in South Florida for your Valentine’s Day date sounds like a formula for success to you, then First Class Rent-a-Car in Miami has exactly what you need! We provide the best in luxury vehicles and premium service to South Florida.

Want treat yourself to Miami’s best service & selection of exotic rental vehicles? Check out these seven dream cars from the First Class fleet that would be perfect for your romantic Valentine’s Day date in South Florida and call us on (3905) 985-4974 when you are ready to book your luxury ride!

1. Audi R8

2. Ferrari 458 Spider

3. Porsche 911 Black Edition

4. Lamborghini Huracan

5. BMW 428i

6. Bentley Continental GTC

7. Mercedes-Benz E350

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