Rent the All-New Audi Q7 from First Class Rent-a-Car in Miami!


Are you looking for a luxury vehicle to rent for a large group in South Florida? Did you have a specific make or model in mind that you wanted to drive while you are in the Magic City? Perhaps you aren’t exactly sure what you’d like? In the crowded world of luxury cars, it can be difficult to find the perfect ride for you. Regardless, no matter what your specific luxury car rental desires are, you need look no further – because First Class Rent-a-Car in Miami has exactly what you need!

If you have a big group for an event in Miami, let them feel pampered and like they are at home by renting the stylish and comfortable all-new Audi Q7 from First Class Rent-a-Car! With its third row of seats and extremely opulent interior, the 2017 Q7 is perfect for efficiently transporting your group of up to seven people. So, not only will this luxury crossover utility get your large group around South Florida quickly, it will do it in supreme comfort and style. Plus, its oversized windows will provide you and your passengers with amazing scenic views of downtown Miami, or of South Beach, or anywhere along the South Florida coastline! Just listen to what the guys at Top Gear had to say about what’s on the inside of the new Q7: “It’s the kind of car you’ll be happy whiling away the hours in while cruising effortlessly along to your holiday destination. Or, more likely, just doing the school run. Either way, the Q7 can cope.”

Plus, enjoy peace of mind while driving or riding in the new Q7, with the countless innovative driver-assist technologies that Audi included for 2017 that will help drivers be safer. Now, you’ll be prevented from attempting dangerous lane changes, from getting into accidents when pulling out of parking spaces and from much more. This video from USA Today does a great job of demonstrating the specific new safety technologies included in the all new Audi Q7:

Pamper your passengers, impress the locals and keep your group safe & secure by driving a brand-new 2017 Audi Q7 from First Class Rent-a-Car. Furthermore, we’ll truly make sure you and your group feel taken care of with our personalized rental service, because our experienced team has what it takes to satisfy your every request. Each individual rental we provide is carefully planned and executed to meet the high standards of our clients. Our goal is to provide first class service and a unique luxury experience for all of our clients; not just another rental car. You can even hire us to take you on a city tour of the best shopping centers in Miami, if you desire, complete with a knowledgeable professional who will be at your disposal to carry and safely store your purchases.

The all-new Q7, Audi’s flagship SUV, is luxurious, indulgent and, most importantly, will allow for an effortless driving experience – just like a first class car should do. When you are behind the wheel of the Q7, you’ll feel at ease, just like you are driving a sedan. The Q7 feels a lot more like a car than a truck. Additionally, although the Q7 does offer you a lot of room in a stylish and comfortable package, it is a LUXURY car first and foremost. You will be reminded of this anytime you climb into it’s extremely opulent interior.


Seriously, what other three-row vehicle looks this good? If you truly want to make a bold statement for an event you may have in South Florida, or if you just want a great-looking ride that’s extremely comfortable while you are in Miami – the all-new Audi Q7 is perfect for whatever occasion you’ll need it for! Call First Class Rent-a-Car at (305) 985-4974 and ask about renting the a 2017 Audi Q7 for the hour or for full day service. In addition, we offer vehicles of different sizes to accommodate individual clients or groups to the best of our ability.

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